Step into the world of Hoosier Hank's

Be on the lookout for Hank the Bison himself, who can often be spotted around town and at special events, bringing joy and excitement to the community. Hoosier Hank is the most interesting Bison in the world and also IU biggest fan.  In his travels, he has learned many things and one of those things is how to make the best Pizza.  Come and check out Hoosier Hank at either of our locations

Hoosier Hank the Bison

Hank is the most interesting bison in the world

Known for his vibrant energy and fun antics. You may catch a glimpse of him at our flagship location on 1280 N College Ave or while he's out and about, spreading cheer and embodying the spirit of Indiana at various events. Keep your eyes peeled for Hank as he adds an extra touch of excitement to the dining experience and makes special appearances to engage with the community.